NHAI Tax Free Bonds

NHAI (National Highway Authority of India) is issuing tax free bonds for the first time. Please don’t get confused this bond with tax saving long term infrastructure bonds. The interest from these tax free bonds is tax exempt. So that means Interest from NHAI Bond does not form part of your total income. The bonds […]

Fixed Maturity Plan: Basics of FMP

What are Fixed Maturity Plans or FMPs? Fixed maturity plans (popularly known as FMPs) are investment schemes floated by mutual fund companies ie AMCs. FMPs are close-ended funds that are mostly debt-oriented and invest in debt and money market instruments of the same maturity period as stated by the maturity of FMP. Usually the maturity […]

SBI Retail Bonds

State Bank of India has recently announced that it is coming up with another retail bonds issue. Last time the issue got oversubscribed on very first day and we believe that this time again it is going to happen so if you are planning to invest in this bond, do it on first day itself. […]