How to Choose a Mutual Fund

How do you choose a mutual fund to invest either a lump sum amount or start SIP? What are the key factors that you look at? Here is the list of some of the important factors you should consider in this process. Equity or Debt Mutual Fund? If you are looking to invest a big […]

Tax on Mutual Funds

Earlier on this blog, we have discussed about mutual funds but in this post, we are going to discuss about the tax on mutual funds. As some of you may already be aware that there are two types of income from Mutual funds: Capital gain and dividends. Capital gain is the increase in value of […]

Tips to Improve Portfolio Performance

Mutual Funds have become a simple and effective medium of creating wealth. This is the reason why Mutual Funds have become a major part of the retail investors’ portfolio. However, if you invest in mutual funds, getting best out of it is challenge, especially since there are so many MF schemes from various asset management […]

Tax planning with ELSS

“ELSS: A good tax planning instrument” ELSS or Equity Linked Savings Scheme for mutual funds offers tax rebate under section 80C. Mutual funds under ELSS category invest minimum 80% corpus in equities. Moreover, there is a lock-in of three years. Once the lock-in expires, the unit holder can either stay invested in the scheme or […]

Systematic Investment Plan and its benefits

SIP stands for Systematic Investment Plan under which investors invest a specific amount of money over a period of time, at regular intervals. It is a very poweful mode of investment in mutual funds for creation of wealth in long run. By investing in SIP, investor has the advantage of Rupee cost averaging. It also […]

Mutual Fund Basics

A Mutual Fund or MF is a vehicle to pool money from the investing public and invest it in financial securities. The MF house or Asset Management Company (AMC) has professional money managers who take this pool of money and invest it in securities such as Shares, Bonds and Money-market instruments. These securities are held […]