Brief Overview of Budget 2012-13

Here are the main contents of budget 2012-13 which might be of interest to most of the readers of FinanceSynergy. This content is not the complete extract of budget but an overview of it for the general audience. Starting with the most important news for normal tax payers. The basic exemption limit is increase from […]

How to Manage Personal Finance Successfully

Managing personal finance is one of the toughest challenges facing almost everyone in the current economic climate. The media is filled with stories about rising levels of personal debt, repossession of homes and assets, unpaid bills and bad credit ratings. Wage rises are negligible or frozen altogether, while inflation is rising. Households find that their […]

How To Buy Gold Coins?

I received some emails from readers of FinanceSynergy asking how to buy gold coins in India. Few friends of mine were also asking this question. So thought of writing this article for everyone’s benefit. Off course you can invest in gold through gold ETF but in this post, we are going to discuss about the […]

Post Office Savings Bank Deposit May be Increased to 4%

The Post Office Savings bank deposits may give you interest at the rate of 4%. A Government committee on small savings has made a suggestion to raise the interest rate from current 3.5% to 4%. This move, if implemented, could benefit lakhs of small depositors. The hike in interest rate will bring the post office […]