HDFC Gold ETF Fund

The HDFC Gold ETF is an Exchange Traded Fund which will accumulate money from those who invest and produce returns by following the prices of gold. It is accounted that 90% to 100% of the accumulated capital will be committed in Gold after which the ETF units will be made out, the residual 10% or […]

Reliance Gold Savings Fund – What is it?

Reliance Gold Savings Fund (RGSF) is an unrestricted fund of funds strategy, which is inertly handled and will endow first and foremost in Reliance Gold Exchange Traded Fund (RGETF). Fundamentally RGSF is the very first gold fund of fund of India and it has opened fresh paths towards gold investment under the asset class. Thus […]

How to Invest in Gold


So you have decided to make an investment in gold so that you can protect yourself during the inflationary holocaust. Congratulations, you are on the right path to possessing the most dependable, most primal savings acknowledged by human being: Gold bullion. You will find some quick primers with regard to some ins and outs with […]

Introduction to Gold ETFs


Since decades, gold has been found to be heaven for investors due to the reason that gold is steadier than any other assets during the economic crises. The yellow metal is more accepted as an investment asset. When you buy gold ETF then it means that you are buying gold in electronic form. The investment […]

How To Buy Gold Coins?

I received some emails from readers of FinanceSynergy asking how to buy gold coins in India. Few friends of mine were also asking this question. So thought of writing this article for everyone’s benefit. Off course you can invest in gold through gold ETF but in this post, we are going to discuss about the […]